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WALLS OF THE CAVE (Cappadocia) 2018

resins, 78 x 105 cm

The fourth hall of the exhibition is a key to understanding the context of the whole project. The exhibition at the Picture Gallery was preceded by the artist’s journey to one of the most interesting and picturesque places in the world, the Turkish Cappadocia. This is a land of magnificent forms of volcanic rocks and numerous cave temples. The place where Christian hermits lived for centuries and where Nazar Bilyk was lucky to live in one of the former cave cells for a few days. According to the ancient testimonies, for a true ascetic a wretched small cell becomes equal to the whole universe. The result of the artist’s reflection on this topic was a very intimate and at the same time powerful work that combined the relief image of the cave ceiling, as well as a photograph of the starry sky over the unforgettable Cappadocia. This room adds an additional layer of interpretation of the sculptural heads that are presented in the other parts of the project, because if you look closely, their quirky forms somewhat resemble quaint Cappadocian landscapes.

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