Space around (anamorphosis)

My work “Space Around”, which explores the relationship between human and the surrounding space, has become the very subject of my further study and citation, where I work with the theme of reality perception illusion. The allusion I used is a phenomenon of Anamorphosis, an optical distortion of reality. “The Ambassadors” by Holbein the Younger served me as an example.
Using 3D modeling, I changed the usual form of sculpture and mixed two planes of reality in one work. This idea interested me and gave birth to a new “encrypted form”. Various experiments on the transformation of shape of the existing sculpture gave me experience of working with my own optics. The new work revealed to me viewer’s ability for undistorted vision of content, code, the very reality that is presented in front of them in abstractly altered forms of sculpture, and can be accessed from the point of “correct vision.”

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