Biruchiy 2017 pulled me out of the city rhythm as never before. I wanted to get distracted and stay by the sea, so this year’s work is very much related to the main environment of the Biruchiy island, the sea.

“Walking on the Water” is about the biblical tale of a miracle. About its possibility in our lives. About our desire and hope for it. That’s why I set up a small laboratory on an island, to turn a liquid substance into a solid matter, which one could walk on. This is a model that came out of my experiments and reflections on miracle. A miracle is a change in the natural course of events and violation of known laws. Recently, we use this word less and less, because technical progress, discoveries and experiments can assert us in our own “divinity.”

My reflections on miracle were not only about the general phenomenon, but more about the aspect of a miracle that prompts a person to strive for something. The work touches on a theme of miracle as a very important need in life, realization of which is always sought by many of us, dreaming of something. The desire to realize the impossible alters reality, disagreement with nature and belief in supernatural actually reveal our deepest aspirations.
2017, 20х20сm. polymeric materials, foto


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